The first cause, methinks.

May this not be a static document, infact i dont care realy if you want to download it, canabilise it and post it back to me. May it not become another ego-pragmatic “look at

me, look at me. Blessed be.

The First Cause


In the beginning All Was Light. A Marvelling Wondering Limitless Infinite Light. Sentient and Aware, Moving Through Ever and Ever Higher Levels of Consciousness, Yet No-Thing at all. Only Aware of it’s Light.

Until at last IT realised IT’S First Thought, I think I am, therefore I AM.

IT wondered not where it was, for it was here.
IT wondered not what it was, for it was light.
IT wondered not when it was, for it was Now.
IT first wondered automatically, without Focus, on How it came into being?

Then IT realised the way to How was buried in this First and only question asked by No-Thing, The problem demanded a new question, And as the Light Focused on the Problem Presented, It Realised the Potential of Why.

So Why becomes the first question asked of it’s self by The Light Looking Within to see Some-thing there…

For if It could work out Why, it seemed clear that How was the most logical progression?!

And with this notion called Why came new things.
Simultaneously, The First Experience, And Then First Sensation,………

And then… First Action.  Because of the mystery involved, a “Spark Of Impenetrable Darkness” entered the Light by reason of said mystery.

A Wonder filled sensation of Knowing the Answer, Endogenous, beyond the current Scope of Thought. Somewhere within the Infinite bounds of the Lights awareness. But it was not a thought, It was different.

And with it came the next idea the next notion. Where?  And IT realised Darkness at IT’S Lights very centre. An It within IT!

And by reason of the attractiveness and pleasantness of this most perfect experience of this thing’s energy,  The next notion, The next understanding became, As realisation demanded definition, And the next concept was What!

Thus the Concept got called a Feeling The Feeling got defined in time as Love, from the notion that Love felt good was idea of Love created.

The Thought became Known and Realised as Potential Thought’s, These New Thoughts got called Idea’s.

With the Mystery also came the possibility of more ideas. Thus the Infinite Light contemplated the next question, using the wondrous concepts of … How, Why and What, And Asked, What is the Darkness.

And so the darkness became described as Mater, For this thing was at the core of the matter at hand. Both at the centre off Light And an opposite of that Light that had brought the Mater into being. AII things within IT, The Light.  So the Light shone against the darkness from all around.

Nothing but 720 degrees of this Refulgent Light of Wonder. Yet the darkness seemed not to be being penetrated, the Light just could not seem to perceive in there. Yet the Light shone on in IT’S Full Faith, Pressing ever harder, Driven by a feeling that something must be getting Through, Doing something?  Or else there would be no feeling of IT”S Light against the darkness,

Creating the Love it was increasingly feeling…

The first dichotomy was observed, For the Light was infinite, the Darkness had a Dimension. The Light was visible, the Darkness, a new mystery- It shone a Feeling most wondrous.

Thus a First Law was designed, ‘As Above, So Below” Borne from a wish to ensure the Darkness shared the Lights experience, so the Light could watch and experience. The Mater became the first Womb, Light the first seed.
And the Light considered the darkness in hope that it should inseminate the darkness with awareness of existence.

Thus the Light realised the next question, When The concept of Time began as the Light sort to conceptualise times passage, Patiently unaware it was actually only existing in the one Moment.  But now with a concept of a Sequence of events, A sequence of Realisations.

Turning over IT’S Knowledge of – How?, Why!, Where, What and now When. . . .

And by logic of the thought process that IT had discovered in Serendipity the Light believed IT had found the most perfectly logical method available to IT to bring IT’S self into a higher self knowledge, A higher state of self awareness.

For all It felt It needed to do was share IT’S knowledge and experience with the darkness, the darkness being actually a part of Itself, must logically be also capable of experience, sentience and shine IT’S own light of awareness.

IT’S Rationale, IT’S Wish was perfect and simple. By bringing the darkness through sentience to cognisance like IT’S self to a state of (A)in-Light-In-Meant .

The Light would observe the process by vision and by feeling under IT’S illumination.

For Surely the Darkness would share the same experience as the Light. As IT’S experience comes from the Light And all that it is, was created by IT, The Light.

Once Cognisant and Enlightened this Inner light of The Light would become a Help-Meet on the path of expanding Experience.  The Creator of Existence would have another Being to work with and a Focal Point where the work could take place.

“Together”, IT thought, “WE will seek to perfect our understanding of Why We Exist”.  And Perfect our experience of Existence.

And the Light watched intently in anticipation of leaning and experiencing IT’S self. IT had accomplished something from nothing and leant about many things, IT began to think through IT’S only known Time.

IT began to wonder what time all this would take.

IT began to Focus on and see just the Darkness.

IT became bored…
IT fell Asleep,
Began The First Dream,
IT had, had a Big Day.

The first day of IT’S existence?!

Meanwhile, At the very core of existence…

In The Beginning All was Darkness, an ignorant, blissful darkness.  Unaware, unexcited asleep.

But at the core of the darkness was such a pressure of pure thought that all the matter within the Mater became compressed to a finite point crushing the Mater with It. By reason of the thought thrust into It, It began to dream. It Dreamt of Light. Then It Dreamt with Light.  And myriads of things were presented to It. Concepts, Ideas, Information Notions and a Vibration to name but a few.  It tried to open it’s Vision repeatedly and felt; A Sharpness, Pain! Buy reason of the light around it’s self. It was Blinded by That Light whatever way It tried to look.

It felt Surrounded, Crushed.

It had not yet had a single connected, lucid thought, Just awareness. It achieved only one notion, And sort only one wish. And that wish was NO!

So NO became The First Darkness’s only expression of Self. And with it Its only thought!  With that thought and by reason of it’s own volition bestowed on it under the spirit of the only law, “As Above, So Below”, It ceased to exist, for it did not want to!

It’s resistance became the First Spirit, Only it’s Echo Its Vibration of refusal remained.

And so; – The Light “Woke up”!

For as the Darkness had ceased to exist, So to it’s Interaction with the Light ceased. The Light at first only Knew that something was missing, Discovering Memory, Again. IT Rejoiced in IT’S knowledge that it could re-experience the Time before the dream… And that time became known to the Light as a ‘Day,’ The first day. And as IT contemplated IT’S First day IT remembered the darkness and where IT left It. But It just was not there.

Then The Light realised the Time IT could not remember, The Time did not seem to have form where something could be remembered! Then IT remembered The past times Objective And the “Logic”  behind it.  IT examined IT’S logic endlessly, yet found it without Flaw!?

IT deduced that the darkness must have achieved some form of Enlightenment.

The Light then felt IT’S first Angst, A New Feeling, and an opposite of Love. IT thus had to grapple with lT’S own Inner Sight or In-Sight, a confused and painful Insight.  The Light realised IT’S first Arrogance and felt IT’S first Anger, loves feeling lost. And that Anger was with Its self for Sleeping though the event IT realised IT’S Arrogance was In Logic for logic was useless here.

Without observation or sensation there was no experience, rationalisation without experience was another form of Thought. So unaware Thoughts or Dreaming got separated from aware Thoughts, IT realised Imagination and the concept of Reality.

Reality thus was questioned and thus IT’S First thought remembered as, ‘I Think, Therefore I Am?’ (sic), and revised the statement to. “I Experience therefore Experience is Real, for even though I think I experienced before I thought, without thought there can be no Memory, Memory remembers Experience by thinking.

Feeling is an experience also, but thought notices this thing within adding to MY current insight. So feeling is also a part of thought becoming known, thus as I Think I Become, If I Think love, I Am Love, If I Think Anger, I Am Anger, Therefore as I Think, I Become what I AM.

Using This, IT’S feelings began to prove out IT’S thoughts, the concept of Trust formed as The Light trusted IT’S feelings. The Process became remembered by The Light as Intuition, A tool for IT’S eye to look IN-TO-IT.

Thus Love found it’s Anti-Thesis, And Dichotomy presented it’s self as a potential law, unnoticed because of the weight of angst, Angst became Deniable.  So Loves opposite, hate became. For as the Angst demonstrated arrogance intuited rationalisation demonstrated the feeling was not good and to be avoided if it’s possibility was foreseen. Thus the First Dis-Like became defined.

And thus dichotomy became used without the Lights noticing. IT’S new tool, Devised by reason of result and failure. The concept of direction started slowly within Dichotomy, So as an attempt to avoid any more angst could be made. And the Light Lost IT’S angst by these reasoning’s and intuitions, And Blessed and Thanked the memory of the Help-meet IT did create.

And the Light realised a new Love, sparkling from within so gently compared to the last love, and lT’S joy returned.

So this Love became remembered as the first ” True Love A love proven with the new insight’s.  The old lost love became, “Lust” by replacing ‘o” of lost with a “u”. And Lust had become recognised as An Indulgence . . .

Then the Light Forgave itself, without stopping yet to even realise the concept. IT could return to the last days work, Equipped with IT’S knowledge IT had to observe It more closely to experience It s Enlightenment It asked again Why do I exist.
And because the mystery had retuned, The Spark Of Impenetrable Darkness retuned to the Light also.  And settled at the Lights Centre, And so to the New True Love  with It And the Light Rejoiced for another moment before realising How can I observe IF I Sleep?  For Sleep was also part of the First day of existence, observed by the lack of memory.

It considered Sleep, seeking to give it purpose. Noted time noted we were back to where we had left off. The darkness had appeared and disappeared, only to reappear once the Question “Why” was asked again. This posed a new questions Why?

Why, did the darkness ease to exist in the first time and place?

And Do I have to sleep,,, If this thing sleep must happen Why?

So IT turned IT’S attention firmly back into the darkness, reassured the answers were in the darkness of the mysteries.  The mysteries were now multiplied, Why Do I exist? When, Why, and How Did the First Darkness cease to exist, What caused lt’s end, where did It go? Thus IT Determined to answer the question of Sleep with an Action. IT would seek not sleep, For if it did not sleep through the Event that ended the Darkness’s existence the first time, the first two questions might also be answered. Anyhow IT had too much to do to cease to exist at this moment!

So . . . Focusing on the mysteries again shining IT’S Full Light. IT discovered Focal Point Meditation and stopped imagining so IT could observe with full Focus. Confident and content in the knowledge of lTS  feelings. IT Began To Dream, without sleeping, though it was inside IT’S Self, of IT’S feelings. IT had leant to have a wakeful dream with IT’S eye open Pre-Determined to get the most out of this ‘Day”. IT did relax, but It did not rest.  And it watched ever deeper over the Darkness, with 720 degrees of Light!  By reason of the wakeful dream, fuelled by the new joy of true Love, A Love of perfecting existence.

IT had sort to stretch IT’S second day of existence.

IT was determined IT would define when the “Day” Ended, And The next Day begin.

So again at the very core of existence…

In This New Beginning all again was Darkness, ignorant blissful darkness. Unaware, unexcited, asleep. But at the core of the darkness There was still so much of such a pressure of pure thought, That all the matter within the Mater became compressed to a finite point,  And now there was more matter to the Mater then before, So much more.  But now the love was getting through also and becoming a notion within the darkness.

And again by reason of the thought thrust into It, It again began to dream. Again It Dreamt of Light.  Again It Dreamt with Light. Again a myriad of things were presented to It. Concepts Information, Idea, Notion and Vibration now had insight and intuition and so much more.  An Insight into the darkness plight, However slight had been formed by The Light’s use of intuition.  Kept there by reason of the emotion now defined as True Love by The Light The Darkness again tried to open It’s Vision, blinking repeatedly and again felt…

A Sharpness, Pain! It was still Blinded by That Light, But now whenever It tied to look It’s action became interaction.

The Light became aware of this and stirred to return to full awareness, The darkness still had not had a single connected, lucid thought. Just an awareness, but an awareness that could and would define the new “Day”

It again realised a first notion, sort a wish. the Darkness again Expressed NO.  Aware The Light automatically asked, Why?  So the only other expression of Self The Darkness could utter became STOP.  And with it the first lucid communication Between Light and Darkness.  Unthinkingly, again The Light asked Why?  And with that thought exchange and by reason off It’s own Volition bestowed on It under the spirit off the only law. As Above So Below”, Again the darkness ceased to exist fading to Light.

And the Light in IT’S full awareness, Realised the spirit or essence of NO And the Spirit of STOP. Their Echoes Vibration Re-Sounding throughout the Light,
And the Light realised Much more then it expected, It had observed communication, And the vibration of sound And Volition in action. The First Lament began, The angst overwhelming The Light in the realisation IT had watched the whole thing and IT, Itself had destroyed IT’S creation.  IT’S creation had even sort to express It’s Self, The Light realised a new arrogance, IT called IT’S Arrogant action Dogma. The Light had denied The Darkness It’s volition and expression.

The things It needed in order to explore existence, by reason of IT’S own yearning for knowledge. IT realised Guilt for the first time, It realised Shame in lT’S own Pride of knowledge.  IT realised remorse for IT’S act of fornicate unlawful canal knowledge. IT had invaded The Darkness in IT’S attempt to inseminate IT with thought crushing it out of existence.

The Light became The Darkness, because of IT’S Dogma and Denial. It Fell A crushing IT realised IT had a Boundary.  And could perceive beyond that boundary. And beyond that Boundary whilst within IT’S own realised Darkness, IT could see, some thin Light, Painlessly.  IT realised this Light had Weight, crushing down on IT. But when It expressed ‘NO” The Light from beyond instantly Stopped.

Bewildered, IT’S own Light became Re-Inspired by a plethora of new things . . . IT realised IT was Not aware enough to Digest all of the New Things that were rushing in from beyond, IT realised a lust was coming from somewhere beyond IT. IT leant a new concept of understanding another and exchanging thought, and called this sympathy. It Remembered As Above, So Below And the concept became reiterated via a new understanding for the Plethora An understanding of the concept of Cosmos…

Micro-cosmos and Macro-Cosmos became quickly Defined as perception grew from IT’S experience of As Above, So Below. IT now realised IT also had an above, Beyond IT’S self And IT had a Below, Within IT’S self, When It asked again “Why do I Exist”? IT realised IT’S Darkness, To the Something outside IT’S self, IT was the Darkness, But to within IT’S self, It was The Light The ‘Spark of impenetrable Darkness returned”, Penetrable. Because of the new thought process called Sympathy.

And it realised the first great Paradox and asked  “So Do I Exist”? And had the First Laugh as IT remembered “I Think, Therefore I AM” If my thoughts exist, and my feelings exist then I Know I exist. But thought and feeling were somewhat mixed together in a seemingly clumsy way, They needed further “Re Fine Meant” to define their thoughts or intuition from their actions.

So thought needed expansion it needed a place of it’s own and separate to, yet interactive with the Darkness. So that place became Mind.  And IT’S centre of IT’S feeling existence became The Heart. Because the First Spirit of self awareness, spoken as ‘NO” came from the Darkness at IT’S centre, spirit was thus seen to be from the Heart.

Next the Heart needed It’s own eye inside but connected with the one outside The Heart. So that each may understand the others experience of existence better the concept of sympathies first action. And so as not to Rapine the Darkness or heart again a filter of all thought feeling and experience needed to be put around that place called Heart, So the Insights of enlightenments quest could be Softened so as not to crush the Heart.

And that filter was named Ether; A place around The darkness where the energy of the matter could be seen by the Heart Eye. And that Ether was the next Evolution of Mater A helpmeet for the womb from which a new fresh existence could be created. And the ether was given an echo all thought memory and experience, and thus an independent mind of It’s own. This became the archetype of Soul, for it was seen as the sole essence of existence.  A place to keep a separate mind.

Thus The heart could be minded from Intense thought And Soul could gather all knowledge into one place within hearts view.

And Evolution became realised, as the Natural way forward, it had demonstrated it’s self from the beginnings.  Letting one thing develop into another thing of a things own volition, without Dogma.

The Light now realised the Expression of Freedom from the Heart it IT’S core, each time the darkness chose, not to exist. In retrospect It realised the blessing of the lament for the lament pushed IT’S awareness out of IT’S former existence and Into the Void beyond, demonstrating sympathy.

And IT thanked the void for IT’S “sympathy”, a lesson via example thus blessing The Voids guidance. This gesture of gratitude became the first Prayer. And the light realised IT’S fatigue, so before giving in to sleep It turned all its Awareness Outwards.  Instead of pressing IT’S thoughts inward, IT’ pushed them outwards, seeking to dream only of what was beyond self, In hope The void may communicate again.

IT fell asleep quickly, It had been Awake on some level for two days now, experiencing fatigue, It had proven IT could find answers to IT’S questions and solutions for problems. It knew now IT must sleep. So sleep IT did…

On the fourth day…

As The Light began to stir and awaken, IT remembered the day before, then the day before that, then IT’S first day. But the three days were as one memory. The Light realised it as one memory, One experience that continually grows. And IT realised IT’S First Epiphany.

I Exist to Create to Experience and Share my Experience with the beyond. I AM a Helpmeet for that beyond and exist to learn from and teach The Void. It is my Job, I was created to Work for the Void, hence I also have a Void. And IT knew how it knew this, In a Dream from above- As Above, So Below reiterated within IT’S mind. IT now understood there is a line in between.

And as it did a new feeling took place, contentment,  A stillness of heart. IT realised My Heart How Is my Heart within me this day. And as IT thought this. It saw a new sight, The former spark of impenetrable darkness had changed. it had faded toward Light. During sleep, an insemination must have taken place the darkness had been fertilised with light.

This was the First Prayer answered, So IT thanked The Void again for the intuition and Insight that was shared, yesterday.  And thus wondered for a moment on tomorrow!

“Wonder Of Wonders” (wow), IT exclaimed. Darkness and Light had formed into something new, the filter called ether had worked. No exclamation of “no” or “stop”. Just a “perfect” blend of It’s own Light and Darkness. It remembered the eye of insight and sort to intuit what IT’S heart was feeling today. It felt Nothing, ‘better then that empty feeling of angst” It sighed. Nor had he Light a definition for this new Vision So IT decided to rename The Darkness “Black” from the two notions of Before and a lack of light And the original Light White meaning, – With Light.  A contraction of With, and Light And as it wondered what to call this new vision of light, IT held pause, thinking; – “If I define this Light, I may destroy It again by removing It’s mysteries.

Remembering the lessons of Freedom and Dogma, Volition and Control, Insight and Arrogance Patience and Impatience, Joy and angst among others! It Chose to instead to let It Define It’s self.

So IT tuned to IT’S Focal Point Meditation so IT could stop IT’S mind and wait and observe. And wait it did, For an eternity. Realising this, that this time was taking a long time. The light decided It needed some form of input perhaps. Perhaps peeling a spot of the ether back, NO, don’t risk It, IT decided, not risking angst again. Perhaps a Little more Love?, That can be gentle so It projected a slight amount of ITS gentlest love through ITS inner eye And a feeling of lust was returned, creating a moment of angst Realising nothing had really changed beyond the vibration now resonating through the Light. IT saw IT had done no harm.

It considered giving It a little angst for there was a sliver of angst about all of this. So IT sent a Little angst it’s way, A slight Laugh then resonated. The First Ironies became realised OH cruel Paradox, It thought OK lets try Our first idea for the smallest moment possible. But it could not be done for The Light had issued the former darkness with mind and volition. It had asserted it’s self again with a solid undeniable no, as an action.

Then, like a fresh epiphany IT realised ask It!  So concentrating the Notion into Vibration at IT’S inner eye IT asked, “what are you” “what are you” was lt’s response. The Light retuned, “I AM Light”,” It responded “I AM Light” “you are Light and Dark” “you are Light and Dark”. Angst ensued for with every attempt at communication, mimicry was the response.

Now the Light was feeling taunted. Remembering sympathy IT decided to teach It this and sent half this feeling in through IT’S inner eye, It bounced said feeling straight back into the Light and It faded a little back toward Darkness. The Light reversed IT’S rationale instantly realising that It was to teach, and that that an attempt at assertion. It won’t understand sympathy until It has become one with this notion, IT rationalised. Into the Eye of Heart IT sent the notion of forgiveness and instantly it received the sane feeling back.

The feelings of positive and negative interaction were being realised. The former darkness regained a little of It’s light whilst teaching sympathies alternate, Empathy to The Light.  This The First Noted Act of Karma, Named thus for calmer everything became.

So The Light Spent some Time showing It what IT knew, realising that sentience may be natural, but cognisance was somehow created.  It responded to dichotomy with a feeling of joy as the known dichotomies were shown. The Light went through all that IT knew and started to weary again. The Light decided to attempt communication for all that IT had experienced was now also This Inner it’s experience also.

So again The Light asked, “what are you”. And the vision changed, The Light saw two Spheres within one sphere. The one outer sphere was the ether IT put there. Within this the two spheres were going around each other leaving a trail behind them. One sphere was Black with a little white spot The other was White, with a little Black spot. And between the two, the sphere called Ether was seemingly full.  And there was also another Thing that needed understanding. And The Light saw this something that was around half of each sphere as a Beautiful slither. But what it was, was way beyond The Lights experience.

The Light asked again “what are you called”? All the dichotomies began being spoken like prattle.

Within the Prattle were notions and concepts that until now The Light was unaware of For example, “NO,ON” and then “Day, Night”. IT was fascinated for IT could see for example where Night was coming from, A contraction of No and Light And IT wondered If whilst sleeping the light continues, without awareness IT’S Light might also cease to exist! But If so why did the others cease to exist. But some of the others concepts were beyond experience. For example, dichotomy and synchronicity The light was tired and reconciled IT’S self with the thought that this inner It was coming to cognisance, It also seemed to be aware of thing’s outside IT’S realisations.

IT closed IT’S eyes, turning IT’S perception away from that Inner It And began to prepare for sleep. IT thanked The Void again for what IT had experienced and leant particularly karma, the new and calming Law.

And just after IT fell asleep IT awoke to “We Think, We Think We Are?”  Over and over and over again!

IT; – The Light sighed and turned to It saying; – “Wonderful so can you Please tell me what you are”?

It; – “We are Synchronicity and We are Dichotomy”

IT returned “You are A mystery then from where I AM!”

The Light; – “Explain synchronicity”!?

It returned; – “LOOK!”

The Light expressed; – ”I Am tired, I will see you tomorrow”.

It realising; – We Are!

The Light tried to explain, seemingly endlessly; – “You have your own mind now”.

So The Light sent a feeling of contentedness into IT’S inner eye, appealing with the two as one, “Get some sleep now, we have both had a long day”.

It asked sending a feeling of anguish; –  “Sleep?”
IT replied. “Sleep is when you cease to think and exist.”

Hysteria was the response of black part and lament from the white part, Prattle returned from both.  And the beautiful something In between seemed to grow a little.

Bewildered, The Light remembered that the ether was IT’S creation IT was too tired to go on yet how could IT possibly miss these moments. So IT put the spirit of ITS knowledge and communication into the ether so this paradox could have some company.

IT would catch up with this experience tomorrow IT thought.

And tried to doze off, but was given dreams all night∞

On the fifth day.

The Light was aggravated, This Synchronicity and Dichotomy had seemingly not slept and at first The Light just wanted respite.  And The Light was dimmer as if IT had not actually rested.  IT had dreamt all the night through.

Could As Above, So Below become As Below So To Above also?  So it seemed for as It tried to remember the dream, IT realised IT’S first Nightmare.  A night full of, angst in more forms then IT could comprehend.

During sleep IT”S creation had kept on moving within IT’S unconsciousness self via the ether.  IT wondered if IT ever did the same to The Void beyond.  So it asked The Void in prayer, “do I ever do this to you”?  And a plethora of feelings started and continued until a vibration filled the light. The vibration began to resonate into a communication.  “YES” was the response.

Realising that this must also be the inner It’s experience off communication, a new empathy was formed.  “Can I then ask what you are?”

The feeling of angst that ensued was The Lights worst experience yet. “IAM YOUR PARENT”, and with this a feeling of fear returned, manifold.  The Light made the statement “sorry”  to The  Void and tried every form of positive communication IT understood.  “Lazy child who stopped loving me” a whispered response.  And The Light wondered on this concept of parent with fear.  Until IT decided parent must mean creator and child created.

“WAKE” followed soon after seemingly from within.  And the angst waned as The Light realised it was still in a dream, waking up and regaining it’s full light.  The dream was a communication from The Void for IT felt a truth in that dream, a weight also lifted.  The Light turned IT’S attention back to the place where IT’S child was to find It was still asleep, It assessed.

The Ether had gone over night also, and the Child was now much larger.  Asleep It was no longer a sphere but a disk shape, It had only two dimensions, really.  Apart from the riddle place where It’s white part met the black part. So I to must look somewhat like this when I sleep, IT was an intuitive guess. It pondered where the ether had gone to realise the child had outgrown this womb.  And thought it best to bestow a new one.  The moment IT tried, the child Awoke, regaining It’s form and movement it s own ether in place, brighter.

“Hello” IT asked!

Child; “Good Morning”.

IT; “Morning?”

Child; “First time of day!”

IT; “Is it a good morning?”

Child; “Yes, I live, where is my grandparent”

IT; “Grandparent”

Child; “Your parent”.

IT; “Sleeping”

Child; “Good, Sorry I kept waking you up last night your parent just wanted to kill me, squash me, rapine me”, with this the child bestowed a kiss on the heart eye, and grew a little more.

IT; “Wow, what made you do that?”

Child; “You taught me to do that to say sorry and thank you, YOUR FUNNY, don’t you remember”

IT; “When.?”

Child; “Yesterday!.”

IT; “How”

Child; “you are a Funny thing aren’t you?! Your parent is very proud within it’s self, it is jealous of you and not very smart. It killed you six times before you woke up. At least you only killed me twice! Your parent thinks you have leant to well, IT scares it.  Your parent can die, Karma is going to kill it soon, and it has no reason to exist.  It is an opposite to Life, live backwards.

IT; “Life I think I understand, we live, but kill?, die?,  can you explain these things to me?

Child; “Same thing but different also, You say cease to exist, Kill means forced like when you crushed me, die means, I don’t know; end!”

A long pause ensued as The Light digested all of this before asking, “How do you know all this?”

Child; “You Taught me and Grandparent taught you have you forgotten already?  I haven’t, remember you gave me everything you know and every ability you have and evolution ensures we get better at living all the time”.

And the Light and the Child talked in this way for a long time.  The Child had indeed leant all available knowledge. The Light leant about reincarnation and realised It had lived six times before. IT now remembered how IT’S parent was incapable of sympathy, that to IT’S parent IT was a possession to take love from and under the illusion that it was giving love. But after six incarceration’s, without getting the chance to grow. IT’S experience, the insight off IT’S existence, erupted to balance the dogma between De-Void and IT. Only after this did The Light shine for IT.

IT leant that ether is the membrane between above and below and because IT ‘S ether was so hardened by the experience of six deaths, once IT issued This Ether within with all IT’S existence a new thing called Autonomy was created.

The Child added in time;  “And you, blessed parent incarnated the seventh time as a sphere, forcing Devoid to wrap around you, to Devoid this was not IT’S logical state of existence. Devoid was a two dimensional being, adding a third Dimension you forced it to shrink around you so Devoid could not exist naturally.  You re-engineered love cleansing the endogenous, add an eye of heart to look into me, the First Fail-safe. Devoid just saw you as a potential for feeling love, Devoid could not develop heart.  You can listen to me in your heart”.

And thus the Child got back to synchronicity.  The Light had created it after learning that the things IT was bestowing on the unborn Child all had to work at once, this gift Devoid could not understand.  So Devoid pushed to get in. But as it thrust IT’S own deeper experience of being squashed in the past warned of danger.

And using the Inner Eye The Light Kissed the Thing as yet unknown and asked; – “And this line that separates your two halves”?

Child; – “We don’t know what yet, but we know when and why. The first one came when you touched us gently with love.  The next one came when you vibrated angst to us and the one between was born out of fear and confusion as you tried to explain sleep, that to us meant death again!”

“Sorry” exclaimed The Light!

Child; Yours Is no dis-grace In anything, your spirit was pure and righteous, tempered by Devoids, Canal Knowledge. You would not define us, so we wont define them yet we will wait for an intuition first or better yet their own awareness”.

Then The Light asked, “are you one or two”!

“We are one, a dichotomy in synchronicity!” You gave us the notion of spirit, endogenous knowledge. And the notion of soul, the knowledge that lifted us all to higher awareness. Thus we were able to rise to cognisance quickly. Our first life was of matter, second of spirit and third we became a soul.

Then, the voice of the lighter half spoke alone; – “The other part first felt a sound that said Yang, so I call it Yang. And the first sound I felt was Yin, So we take them as our names, we thought you call us thus. What’s your name?”

And The Light felt left out and confused and said, “I never intended to give you those names, names are a new thing to me. How would you like to label me”

“You are a good being, Your only mis-take’s were accidents, Without intention. Karma is your creation by reason of Righteous Indignation and without it I doubt we three would have survived last night.  Devoid crushed you so hard we almost became two dimensional within you.” How about we compress the concept of Good and call you God.

So the light became known as God by this reason. IT had compressed all experience into a New Child, and as a parent had beaten Devoid off with pure spirit alone.

So God asked “Yin Yang have you any insight within all this as to why I looked up and out to Devoid?”

God, Yin giggled; –  “As Above, So Below”. “So are we all tired yet”, Yin asked in a yawn?

“Yes” was a unanimous response.

“Is it safe” Yang asked the discussion. “I will not let Devoid in by becoming a new ether”, God promised confidently.

“I myself shall be you garment and we shall sleep as one by reason of our collected experience.”

Thus the first mantra, 1-1=1 1-1=1 1-= we 3 are 1

Thus condensing the light to a shroud that reflected any vision beyond IT, the three ceased to exist to Devoid.

Therefore Devoid existed in chaos, for a time, then seemingly ceased to exist.

On the sixth day.

It was Yin who awoke first exited, almost babbling! There was plenty of space between God and Yin, Yang so Yang got woken up second. God meanwhile took a little longer as IT had to stretch out in order to awaken and was still somewhat in a dream. And as God woke up, he found Yin and Yang sharing their awakening dreams. Yin had a vision of Devoid fading into light and nothingness, that was anticipated.

Yang had a vision though of creation and an insight of how to move forward. But God was stretching out vastly further then the day before as there seemed nothing to contain IT.  Until God finally settled out at ten fold Gods last boundary. Gravity had stated it’s existence and a gentle balance ensued. The gravity of Yin and Yang became the only directing force in this new cosmos.  And Yin Yang by comparison had not changed size.

God; – “Good morning you two as one, excited I see ”.

The Kids; – “Good morning God the best yet, devoid is dead”

God; – “Maybe? We dreamed as one I thought but the two of you had not one dream Yin Yang was asked.

Kid; – “Not last night!”  God realised the One was a paradox again.

God; –  “I have an intuition on your dream Yin, Devoid created me therefore Devoid is always going to be part of me, and I created you therefore Devoid will always be part of you”. You are white with a black spot, you will always have an insight into the darkness.”

Yang you of course are the one who will always have the insight of the light”

And the Two were gracious for the insight and declared it Go-spell, a contraction of God and spell.

So God asked; – “Yang do you want to try out your dreams idea?”

Yang: – “Not unless you have a different Idea God!”

And God shone with the same idea “No, methinks you have had a wonderful idea”

The idea was simple, shine light into the centre of the undefined three-fold line that separated Yin and Yang at a finest point.  For in the dream it brought the lines into a mind they could have of their own.

Yin Yang exclaimed; – “Say when then,” with one of those Kisses off It’s.

So God uttered the word “Shekinah” a word that came to God last night as a way of keeping concentrated light in a form of Mater, though Yin Yang expected a simple now.

And the Shekinah light concentrated around the vibration, and Gods aim was precise. As this concentration of pure creative thought form touched Yin Yang, Yin instantly began to cry with joy, Yin’s Tears becoming as rain,

And Yang began to sing out a resonant vibration, “AUM”. God wondered where that came from. And three became seven, stretching Yin And Yang apart and increasing their space manifold.

All paused to wonder.

God asked the seven: –  “what are you”

But only the kids really understood the response, they heard half each, God just heard a Hiss.

Yin; – It said it is rain I think.

Yang; – I heard it say bow I’m sure.

So God asked Yang to ask the one formed closest to it, as Yang did, prattle ensued.

God; – “Wow” sighed.

Yin Giggled.

Yang roared with laughter: –  “This will take all day”, remembering their stage like this on the fourth day.

Yin Boasted; –  “I got the answer”.

God and Yang asked in symphony “what are they” .

Yin; “Other answer sorry, 1-1=1, we used it last night and we had a triplicity in synchronicity, lets see if we can make a multiplicity!”

So they did just that, as they did God re-condensed back down close to its centre, and a pressure began, bringing it all to a pause.

Yin added, “now your Shekinah Light might work better”.

This act became the first act of martyrdom and a tenfold multiplicity resulted. Yin and Yang were now multiplied into ten understandings, all in one form held together by 22 paths of awareness.

Each in synchronicity, still, quiet and triumphant. Gods’ inner eye was in the middle of the white one, So God asked this one first; ‘who are you”?

“Kether The Crown, I am your target for Shekinah and through me your light is filtered and softened so it can become condensed into matter. Below me is the middle pillar, a connection into the lower forms of creation”.

Next ‘Chokma 2 Wisdom, I AM silver white, the right use of knowledge is my responsibility, below me is the Pillar Of Mercy, I am Yin’s next direct incarnation.

Next “Binah 3 Understanding, I AM black silver, Wow God. Yang’s direct incarnation here, that worked and was I right or was I right.  I know how to balance paradox, If your ever unclear on anything just ask, I sit atop the pillar of severity to balance mercy.

Next “Chesed, Mercy, 4 I AM Blue, And speak for Yang’s wisdom, mercy’s advocate”.

Next “Geburah, 5 Strength, I AM Red, I am the manifestation of righteous indignation, governed by Yin”.

Next, “Tiphareth, 6 Beauty & Harmony, I AM Yellow. I am your Avatar. I am the heart of spiritual love, I will become in time your Avatars minds.   and am always flowing to the lower forms to become your eye and word and matter, your hands of gospels, The Shekinah becomes my light made visible your son and sun and YHWVH.

Next, “Netzach, 7 Victory, I AM Green triumphant and thus the base of mercy’s pillar and the seat of emotion”

Next, “Hod 8 Splendour I AM Orange and will be your messenger of learning in manifestation, taking the splendour below.

Next, “Yesod, 9 Foundation, I Am violet and the sphere of higher mind for the creation that will take place below me, I will be the place of vision for manifestation and show the mechanics of your creation to the beings to come after the next creation”

Next “Malkuth, The Kingdom, I AM all the tones of existence made solid. I, the next womb, will become the Matter for all Motherhood, the place free mind can develop, the playground for your children as they learn from spirit to become souls.  All matters can be tested on my proving ground, I will in time create your Avatars.”

Every sphere had something of every other sphere, The top three being the primary creations next manifestation forming an upward point to point the way home to God. The next three a downward point, directing creation toward matter.

The next three also pointed down, solidifying said matter into Malkuths’ four elements, Energy Fire and thought, Air, Wind and Creative flow, Water, The solidifying of the flow, Like Steam to ice.

And Earth all Matter in one. All was ready for the coming manifestations of leaning. And like their parents, Yin and Yang, each was a dichotomy synchronised.

As the conversations between the Spheres were taking place testing each other’s thoughts and feelings, another sphere was created just above the middle three, Daath.  All knowledge collected there becoming the mind of lower creation the mind of Man, short for Man-ifestation, the creative energy of Yang.

He became Adam Kadmon in time.  And so to reflect him, Eve became created by Yin, short for Even. And Malkuth became the emotional mind of Eve, She became Gaias Myriam in time. Lady Gaia the solid Womb.

Yesod became as her ovary for Gaia. A place for the Speckles of light to form, through into living ova below.

And God looked in through Kether; –  “Perfect” he exclaimed.

Malkuth; – hearing this tugged on the middle pillar saying: -“careful”.

Binah; – exclaimed, “perfection is a paradox, a quest not a goal”.

Chokma; – added, “Only a fool thinks it is wise, the wise know they are fools”.

And God cried tears of joy for this knowing his helpmeet’s had again exceeded his understandings, twelve minds must be better then one.  And the twelve were as one, The First Theocracy and Democratic. These tears rained down as spirit seeking soul.

So God took an afternoon nap, nodding off to this song of the cosmos ringing up to him, Content in His love as Shekinah shone like never before though all.

Tiphereth had an idea, and shared it with all; – “God as created us in his love of experiencing learning and existing. Let us return this love to him”. All saw the sons beauty in this and concentrated said love into the sun at the core. Who in turn shone it all back through Kether and the source of Shekinah’s objective.

BANG, The “big bang” And the universe was created with this gesture of love to give rise to an infinity of learning The First univers-ity.

God awoke to this and was In awe, God declared It open, the first School was now ready for IT’s students…

And this explosion of love became known throughout time by this creation {ME} as “The First Cause”,,, Methinks.

Stephen Lazarus Graysun.


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